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Dr.  Ana Juricic -  Low Vision Optometrist

Leader in the Low Vision Care for
 more than 27 years

Dr. Ana Juricic will show you HOW to unlock the hidden potential of adding Low Vision Services to your clinic through her comprehensive 6 - Week Online Mentorship Program where she will reveal a STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT
to enhance patient care, increase professional growth and transform lives.

Bonus Q & A session after the completition of the course and
 access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions and share experiences.

Become trained to confidently offer
Low Vision Services Through

The Vision Enhancing Method Blueprint:
6 - Week Online
Mentorship Program 

With Dr. Ana Juricic - Low Vision Optometrist

The Creator of  "The Vision Enhancing Method"
and a leader in Low Vision Care

Minimalist 5 Cycle Diagram Graph (6).png__PID:9fbc06ec-7e32-4bff-a8e4-6db33d021dad

Dr. Ana Juricic will unveil her unique  STEP BY STEP BLUEPRINT- a transformative roadmap - 
to empower you to  confidently and masterfully bring
HOPE and SIGHT to your patients living with vision loss.

Why is NOW the perfect time to offer Low Vision Services ?

Did you know there is a huge UNMET need to adequately help and support people living with vision loss in the world?

  • Over 2.2 Billion people world wide suffer from some form of vision impairment
  • Over 30 million Europeans are blind and partially sighted
  • Over 12 million Americans over the age of 40 have some form of vision impairment
  • Over 1.5 million Canadians identify themselves as having sight loss
  • Over 274 million people in China and 275 million people in India have vision loss

As an eye care professional, Dr Ana Juricic wants to mentor fellow eye care professionals to fill this CRITICAL need confidently and efficiently
while at the same time transforming lives and positioning yourself at the forefront of compassionate care as you expand your practice’s impact and relevance in your community.  Dr Juricic wants to share her more than 27 years of knowledge and expertise in the field of low vision rehabilitation services with you so you can join her in her goal of helping (directly and indirectly) millions of people living with vision loss in the world.

Why YOU should REGISTER and take Dr Ana Juricic’s VISION ENHANCING METHOD BLUEPRINT Mentorship Program?

  • Step by Step Blueprint : We will give you knowledge  to confidently and immediately implement strategies and methods to help your patients with vision loss.
  • Convenient Accessibility: Access this online training program LIVE or on your own time by viewing the   recordings of each module while eliminating travel expenses and hassle.
  • Urgent Demand: With a significant portion of eye doctors set to retire in the coming years, there's a pressing need for new specialists to meet the growing prevalence of low vision patients.
  • Addressing Unmet Needs: Many areas lack adequate low vision services, leaving individuals underserved and in need of specialized care, including rehabilitation services and personalized treatment plans.
  • Seizing Opportunities: There's a critical opportunity to fill the gap in low vision care, meet growing demand, and empower patients with education and tailored support.
  • Small Investment, Big Impact : With as little as a $1,000 of demonstration vision aids you can immediately and seamlessly integrate Low Vision services into your practice, enriching patient care and propelling your practice towards expansion and success.
Dr Ana and a patient in the low vision clinic
Dr Ana with one of her patients demonstrating a low vision aid
Dr Ana with a patient doing an eye exam

Starts :  Wednesday May 22, 2024

 6 Weekly LIVE Sessions on Wednesday evenings

Evenings 7:00 - 9:00 PM EST

Online Webinar and Recordings Available 

Certification of Acknowledgment
issued for CE Hours

Elevate your expertise in Low Vision Care through a comprehensive multi-week mentorship program led by Dr. Ana Juricic, a renowned expert in the field of low vision rehabilitation.

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Meet Your Mentor and Trainer

Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and equipped to make a tangible impact in the field of vision rehabilitation under
Dr. Ana's expertise.

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Dr. Ana Juricic - Low Vision Optometrist

The Creator of "The Vision Enhancing Method"

Her Role in Low Vision Care

Dr. Ana Juricic is a leader in the field of vision rehabilitation services for individuals living with vision loss. She has put more than 27 years of experience to create the Vision Enhancing Method which focuses on vision health and vision solutions beyond the traditional.

She has helped tens of thousands of people living with vision loss through various solutions to maximize remaining vision so they can once again read, see faces of loved ones, watch TV or enjoy day to day activities.

Who Is This Online Mentorship Program For?

  • Eye care practitioners seeking to broaden their skillset and provide comprehensive care for patients of any age living with all degrees of vision loss
  • Optometrists,ophthalmologists, opticians  and supporting staff aiming to expand their expertise and offer specialized low vision services to their patients
  • Visionary professionals ready to elevate their practice by providing personalized solutions for individuals with all degrees of vision loss
  • Clinic owners ,associates, new graduates, or anyone seeking to incorporate a niche specialty in their practice, particularly in low vision rehabilitation care.
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Eye Care Practitioners

- Dedicated eye care practitioners   seeking to broaden your skillset and provide comprehensive care for individuals with low vision.

No Experience Necessary: This program is designed for eye care practitioners of all levels. Dr. Ana will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the field of low vision care.

Opticians - Optometrist 

Ambitious optometrist and Opticians looking to expand your expertise and offer specialized low vision services to your patients.

Visionary profesionals ready to elevate their practice and offer personalized solutions for individuals with low vision expanding their services to meet the growing demand for specialized care.

Associates Caring 

Visionary entrepreneurs with a passion for innovation in eye care, ready to explore new opportunities in the field of low vision.

Eye care associate eager to deepen their understanding of low vision care and expand their role within their practice.

What Will We Cover?

Dr. Ana Juricic recognizes a pressing need for eye care professionals to set themselves apart from other clinics while at the same time addressing an unmet need by offering specialty niche services.

Many eye care professionals may not feel that they received enough practical “real life” training during their academic training to effectively, efficiently and confidently provide low vision rehabilitation services in a non-academic clinic setting.

Dr. Juricic wants to dispel the beliefs that “Low Vision = Slow Vision” by meticulously crafting this
COMPREHENSIVE 6-Week mentorship training program for you.
 To add to your success in implementing low vision services into your practice, you can access the BONUS Q & A interactive session after the completition of the course and access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions and share experiences.

Week 1 

Mindset and Empathy

Understanding Emotional Impact: Explore psychological challenges of low vision, fostering empathetic communication. Developing

 Prioritize patient needs, challenge biases, and prevent burnout for equitable, compassionate care.

Module 1

 Wednesday May 22, 2024

The Art of Communication

- - Key communication strategies to improve patient Rapport and Success that can also be used in other areas of your life.

   - Understanding Emotional Impact: Explore psychological challenges often experienced with individuals living with vision loss.

   - Fostering empathetic communication to enhance trust with your patient. 

   - Gain the expertise, resources and assurance to proficiently convey your messaging as you address the needs of your patients.

  -Knowledge learned can be applied to professional and personal interactions in and outside of the clinic 

Module 2

 Wednesday May 29, 2024

Low Vision Solutions 101 

-  A simplified and effective systematic approach will be revealed that can be broken down in terms of offering low vision services that can be categorized for early, intermediate and for more complex cases.

- The many faces of vision loss - a step by step blueprint of HOW to address vision loss for patients of all ages centered on individual visual goals.

-The fine art of refraction going beyond traditional methodology and the role of prism to enhance vision in many cases.

- Systemization of vision aids that have significant impact to address glare, near viewing and distance viewing issues.

 Module 3

 Wednesday June 5, 2024

Newest Advancements and Integrative Vision Solutions

- Dive into the newest advancements in technology including headborne vision aids, computer programs, and smart phone apps.

- Spectacle mounted aids approved for Bioptic driving will be explored and an overview of bioptic driving requirements and prescribing will be shared in an easy to comprehend format

-Low Vision Solutions beyond the vision aids will be shared which will highlight latest information on nutritional support, vision supplements, dry eye products, specialized genetic testing and new science to support your patient’s vision.

 Practical Strategies: Learn practical strategies and techniques for effective patient management, tailored to the unique challenges and needs

Module 4

 Wednesday June 12, 2024

Case Based Vision Solutions

- Fundamental understanding of vision solutions that are categorized based on central vision loss, peripheral vision loss, or combination of both will be discussed.

-Insightful Discussions: Analyze different low vision cases, gaining valuable insights into the complexities of low vision care.

-Overview of solutions and treatments for the various types of vision loss conditions ( AMD , Stargardt´s, maculopathy, cone and /or rod dystrophies , albinism, nystagmus, glaucoma, RP, diabetic retinopathy, optic neuropathy and more )

Module 5

 Wednesday June 19, 2024

Low Vision specialty logistics and budget

- Budgeting and the setup process to add a low vision specialty niche into your practice will be presented.

- Dr Juricic will reveal her meticulously curated list of favourite low vision devices based on a practice wanting to provide simple affordable vision solutions to a practice that wants to offer the latest technology and meet the needs of all degrees of vision loss.

- Learn to identify and prioritize essential expenses, including equipment costs

- Gain practical guidance on developing a comprehensive budget tailored to your practice's specific needs and goals

Module 6

 Wednesday June 26, 2024

Vision Enhancing Method Implementation

- Highlight the methodology of the Vision Enhancing Method (4 pillars) and WHY Dr Juricic created this integrative approach

-A summary of The Vision Enhancing Method Blueprint shared in the previous 5 modules will be presented so you and your eye care team can implement your new knowledge into your practice immediately  

- Inspiration for you and your team to be part of a transformative movement to address th vision needs in your community by looking at overall wellness and solutions beyond the traditional

Bonus Session

Questions and Answers

- Get direct access to Dr. Ana as she answers your specific queries and provides tailored advice to ensure your success in the Low Vision field.

- Share diverse perspectives contribute to a comprehensive learning experience.

Access to a private Facebook Group to ask questions and share experiences.

Types of Vision Loss ( Module 2 )

Fundamental understanding of various low vision conditions
Comprehensive lessons, interactive discussions, and practical exercises,

Types of  Solutions for Low Vision Patients ( Module 1 )

Explore  the advancements in spectacle mounted technology.

Types of  Solutions for Low Vision Patients ( Module 2 )

Low Vision Solutions beyond the traditional. 
From Supplements , specialized genetic testing, to bioptic driving.

Marketing and Communication Strategies.

Lmportance of effectively communicating your service to patients.
Marketing strategies to enhance the reach of your healthcare service.

Budget and Set Up

Dive into the crucial aspects of budgeting and the setup process required to establish your own practice.

Unique Solutions and FAQ's

Delve into specific cases and scenarios, gaining valuable insights and practical strategies for effective patient management.

Ready to Transform Lives !

Join a community of like-minded professionals who are passionate about transforming lives and empowering individuals with low vision to live their best lives possible.

Regular Price : $2,000 CAD

Early Bird Pricing
Until May 15, 2024
 $ 1,600 CAD

  • Registration Closes :  Tuesday May 21, 2024 at 11:59 PM EST 
  • Training begins: Wednesday  May 22, 2024  at 7:00 PM EST 
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