Being Grateful Is A Life Changer !

Being Grateful Is A Life Changer !

There are days when we feel more overwhelmed ... 

Today I want to address a subject that can be challenging for some of us especially if we are having not the best of days.

Very often we are so focused on our needs, desires, or illnesses, that we cannot see the infinite expressions of love that we have around our lives.

There are days when we feel more overwhelmed, we go through difficult times, there may be a decrease in vision or unexpected situations that make certain days more challenging to be grateful.

The ability to be grateful for some is not as easy as it is for others. Everyone has their own life story which may include hardships and difficult times feeling grateful even for the smallest things may feel pointless. For some, the practice of gratitude does take effort and focus. For some, it may feel like a useless task while for others it drives them to be able to look forward to every day.  When it comes to gratitude, there should be no judgment for those who may find it difficult to be grateful.

Sometimes it is just being thankful for the littlest things that can help make a difference. The ability to recognize and identify the ways and moments in which we are lucky, blessed, or privileged (especially when we face challenging times) is a practice that is cultivated daily and it can make a difference. That is, it allows us to strengthen our positivity.

Being grateful in difficult times can help us build a bridge from despair to strength, from pain to commitment. And most importantly: it can help us keep our heart open when it may feel like our heart wants to close.

Gratitude is not only accompanied by more optimism, less anxiety and depression, and greater goal achievement but it is also associated with fewer symptoms of illness, among other physical benefits. That is why it also improves our experience of the situation we are going through and provides us with well-being.

There are many reasons why it is vitally important to always try to remain grateful, and there are practices that can help us maintain gratitude even while being aware that not all people around us have the same comforts or privileges that we have.

The difficulty of being grateful in times of crisis resides mainly in focusing our attention on what fails.
Thus, we focus more on what we lack than on feeling lucky for what we are and have.

A few tips on how to retrain our brains to focus on the positive and be grateful  :

  •  Take a break and recognize what is around: it is about stopping at least for a moment the daily routine and reflecting on 3 things for which you feel grateful in your life.
    You can also think of 3 people whom you would like to thank for accompanying you in a certain situation or for having helped you on a difficult day.
  • Think of yourself: Be grateful to yourself.
    Think of at least 3 things you would like to thank yourself for. They don't always have to be great achievements: it could be the way you listen to others or the charisma that sets you apart. When you finish you will feel comforted and, surely, more joyful and happy
  • Be thankful for everything you take for granted: This will allow you to see life from a different and, undoubtedly, a broader perspective. be grateful daily for the
    The house that shelters you, the family that accompanies you, the clothes you wear, and the food you eat, and being thankful for having the magnificent opportunity to enjoy them.
  • Express your appreciation and gratitude: Identify the people with whom you feel grateful and communicate it.
    All you have to do is write to that person to find out how they are doing and take the time to listen to them. This is also a way to give love and happiness to others (and yourself too).

Being grateful allows us to focus on what does work and as a result, can inspire us to keep moving forward.

We cannot change the events that have already happened such as experiencing vision loss, but we can change our attitude toward them. When we do this, reality changes.

Practicing gratitude on a daily basis is one more aspect of the happiness formula: it makes us value what we have achieved and motivates us to continue in the search for greater well-being.

Ps: I´m personally grateful to have this platform where I can connect with my patients and their loved ones and keep them informed about all things related to vision.

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