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New ways of living and hope for the future after a AMD diagnosis

From macular degeneration diagnosis, to losing sight, to new ways of living and hope for the future.

In this opportunity, we want to highlight and share with you a wonderful new video that was released in March 2023 by The American Macular Degeneration Foundation.

This amazing documentary is relevant not only to patients living with vision loss but also to family members, relatives, friends, and caregivers. It will help them to better understand the impact of living with vision loss and may foster increased empathy for their loved ones living with vision loss.

The diagnosis and experience of vision loss can represent a major loss in one’s life, and most individuals go through a process of grieving their vision loss and all that is associated with it. Loved ones also need to be aware of the loss they feel due to the diagnosis.

As a low vision optometrist helping people maximize their remaining vision for over 26 years, this documentary highlighted many of the things I discuss in the exam room with my patients. In addition to increasing awareness and presenting relevant information related to vision, this video does an amazing job at stressing the importance of HOPE for the future and adapting to new ways of living with vision loss.

In this interesting video, five patients (listed below) share their stories, their vulnerabilities, what is it like living with vision loss, and the wisdom they have gained through their journey living with various degrees of macular degeneration.

  •  Elizabeth Baker - Paralympian, Physical Therapist
  • Samuel D. Seavey IV -Assistive Technology Expert for the Blind & Visually Impaired
  • Sensei Jack Stewart - Tai Chi, Kyudo and Kendo
  • Lori Fletcher Naturalist – Herbalist
  • Joan LeBaron World Traveler

Expert guests shed light on what we know about macular degeneration, share advice about how to prevent macular degeneration, and provide hope for what can be done now, and what's coming in the future.

If you are living with vision loss and reading this email, share this information with your family members or close ones and let us raise awareness about visual impairment. Thus we all can educate ourselves to be more emphatic with each other and even incorporate accessible ways for individuals with specific needs or disabilities. Let us know what part of the video you most enjoyed by emailing us at hello@seeingagain.com.


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