Colour Blindnes Vision image of a flower with normal versus colour blind vision

Colour Blindness Awareness

As your dedicated low vision optometrist, I want to take this opportunity to raise awareness about colour blindness and its impact on individuals' daily lives. 

We're committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals with color vision deficiency, and this month presents a wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and educate our community. 

What is Colour Blindness? Colour blindness, or colour vision deficiency, is a condition where a person cannot perceive specific colors the way most people do. This condition is often inherited and affects both men and women, but it's more common among men. The most common form of colour blindness involves difficulties in distinguishing between red and green hues, but there are other types as well.  It can impact one's daily life, from recognizing traffic signals to coordinating clothing or appreciating the beauty of a sunset. 

( Image credit - Dr Ana Juricic in The Azores Portugal  retreat )

Normal vision example of an image with flowers with its natural colorsNormal vision example of an image with flowers with  color blindness vision colors

EnChroma, a leading creator of glasses for colour blindness, has recently announced an exciting initiative for this year's Colour Blindness Awareness Month. They have garnered support from more than 160 organizations and influencers, all committed to raising awareness about colour vision deficiency (commonly known as "colour blindness").

This support comes from a wide range of entities, including major museums, universities, businesses, libraries, school districts, state and federal parks, tourism agencies, influencers, and service organizations.


How Can We Raise Awareness? International Colour Blindness Awareness Month provides us with an excellent opportunity to spread knowledge and understanding. 

  1. Share Information: Educate your friends and family about colour blindness to help others understand the condition better.

  2. Wear EnChroma Glasses: EnChroma glasses are specially designed to enhance colour perception for individuals with color blindness. If you or someone you know has colour vision deficiency, consider trying these glasses to experience the world in a new way.

Remember, awareness is the first step towards a more inclusive and supportive society. By spreading the word about color blindness, we can contribute to a more understanding and accessible world for everyone.

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